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Attics with the "Dabrook" Error


As more "Dabrook" errors are identified, they will be added to the list.  If you have an Attic Treasure with the "Dabrook" error and have not reported it, we would love to hear from you.  Please e-mail Kathy at the name, generation, and the quantity you have.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

 For a complete listing of all tush tags, please click here.    


Name Generation Name Generation
Abby 2nd Nicholas 4th
Benjamin 2nd Nola 1st
Brewster 2nd Nola 2nd
Checkers 2nd Pouncer 1st
Cody 2nd Purrcy 2nd
Dexter 1st Rebecca 2nd
Fraser 2nd Sara 1st
Grover 2nd Shelby 2nd
Jeremy 1st Tyler 1st
Jeremy 2nd Tyler 2nd
Lilly 2nd Wee Willie 2nd
Malcolm 2nd    


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