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1993 burgundy version 1


Abby 5th
Abby 6th
Allura 7th
Amore 7th
Azalea 7th
Azure 7th
Baron 7th
Beargundy 7th
Bearkhardt 7th
Beezee 7th
Benjamin 5th
Beverly 7th
Blarney 7th
Bluebeary 6th
Bluebeary 7th
Breezy 7th
Bugsy 7th
Calliope 7th
Camelia 7th
Casanova 6th
Casanova 7th
Chelsea 5th
Chelsea 6th
Christopher 5th
Christopher 6th
Clay 7th
Darlene 7th
Dexter 5th
Fern 7th
Franny 7th
Fraser 5th
Fraser 6th
Frederick 5th
Georgia 7th
Gilbert Gold 5th
Grant 6th
Grant 7th
Grover 5th
Grover 6th
Grover Gold 5th
Gwyndolyn 7th
Henry Brown 5th
Iris 6th
Iris 7th
Ivy 6th
Ivy 7th
Jack 6th
Jack 7th
Jangle 7th
Katrina 7th
Laurel 6th
Laurel 7th
Lawrence 7th
MacKenzie 6th
MacKenzie 7th
Mason 5th
Mason 6th
Morgan 5th
Morgan 6th
Mulligan 7th
Nicholas 5th
Nicholas 6th
Nicholas 7th
Orion 7th
Oscar 5th
Oscar 6th
Pouncer 5th
Pouncer 6th
Pouncer 7th
Purrcy 5th
Purrcy 6th
Purrcy 7th
Radcliffe 7th
Rafaella 7th
River 7th
Rosalie 7th
Rosalyne 7th
Rose 6th
Rose 7th
Salty 7th
Shelby 5th
Shelby 6th
Skylar 7th
Spruce 7th
Squeaky 5th
Squeaky 6th
Sterling 7th
Strawbunny 6th
Strawbunny 7th
Susannah 7th
Tyra 7th
Whiskers 5th
Whiskers 6th
Whiskers 7th
1993 burgundy version 2


Amethyst 6th
Armstrong 7th
Barry 5th
Basil 7th
Bearington 6th
Berkley 7th
Birch 7th
Bloom 6th
Blush 7th
Bonnie 6th
Bonnie 7th
Boris 5th
Brewster 5th
Brisbane 7th
Carlton 5th
Carson 7th
Cassie 5th
Cawley 7th
Charles 5th
Checkers 5th
Checkers 6th
Checkers 7th
Cheri 7th
Clyde 5th
Cody 5th
Cody 6th
Cody 7th
Colby 5th
Copperfield 5th
Cromwell 7th
Dickens 5th
Dickens 6th
Digby 5th
Domino 5th
Easton 7th
Ebony 5th
Ebony 6th
Emily 5th
Esmerelda 6th
Esmerelda 7th
Eve 6th
Eve 7th
Fairbanks 7th
Fairchild 7th
Gem 7th
Georgette 7th
Gloria 6th
Gordon 7th
Grace 6th
Greyson 7th
Harper 7th
Hayes 7th
Heartley 7th
Heather 5th
Isabella 7th
Ivan 5th
Ivan 6th
Ivan 7th
Ivory 5th
Jeremy 5th
Justin 5th
King 5th
King 6th
Kingston 7th
Lilly 5th
Lilly 6th
Madison 5th
Madison 6th
Malcolm 5th
Malcolm 7th
Marigold 7th
Max 7th
Montgomery 6th
Murphy 5th
Nola 5th
North 7th
Penelope 5th
Peppermint 6th
Peppermint 7th
Peter 6th
Peter 7th
Piccadilly 6th
Piccadilly 7th
Precious 6th
Prince 5th
Prince 6th
Priscilla 5th
Ramsey 7th
Rebecca 5th
Samuel 6th
Samuel 7th
Sara 5th
Sara 6th
Sara 7th
Scarlet 7th
Scooter 5th
Scotch 6th
Scotch 7th
Scruffy 6th
Scruffy 7th
Sidney 6th
Sire 6th
Spencer 5th
Tiny Tim 5th
Tracey 5th
Tyler 5th
Tyrone 7th
Waddlesworth 7th
Watson 5th
Wee Willie 5th
William 7th




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