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Attics with 1993 Red White Tush Tags




Name Generation
Abby 5th Jeremy 4th
Boris 5th Jeremy 5th
Carlton 5th Justin 5th
Charles 5th King 5th
Checkers 5th Madison 5th
Chelsea 5th Mason 2nd
Christopher 5th Mason 4th
Clyde 5th Mason 5th
Cody 5th Morgan 5th
Colby 5th Nicholas 5th
Copperfield 5th Nola 4th
Dexter 5th Nola 5th
Digby 4th Penelope 5th
Digby 5th Pouncer 5th
Domino 5th Prince 5th
Ebony 5th Priscilla 5th
Emily 4th Purrcy 5th
Emily 5th Rebecca 4th
Fraser 4th Rebecca 5th
Fraser 5th Sara 4th
Frederick 5th Sara 5th
Grover  5th Spencer 5th
Grover Gold 4th Squeaky 5th
Grover Gold 5th Tiny Tim 5th
Heather 5th Tracey 5th
Henry Brown 5th Tyler 5th
Ivan 5th Watson 5th
Ivory 5th Wee Willie 5th
Jeremy 2nd Whiskers 5th