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Types of Buttons Found on Attic Treasures


Antique brass Baseball Black Round Blue round

Burgundy round Gold with eagles Gold crested Gold disks

Gold disk with starbursts Gold knotted Gold nautical Light burgundy

Pearl Pewter with blue stone Silver with craters White and clear marble
Wooden round




Type of Button

Brewster Blue round
Carlton Gold knotted
Cassie Pewter with blue center stone
Charles Gold disks in starburst pattern
Christopher Gold buttons with eagles
Colby Pearl
Dickens Gold disks 
Domino White and clear marbled
Gilbert Gold Gold buttons with eagles
Grover Gold crested
Heather Blue round
Henry Brown Antique brass
Ivory White and clear marbled
Jeremy White and clear marbled
Lilly Silver with craters
Madison Blue round
Morgan Wooden round
Murphy Baseball
North* Black round
Penelope Gold disks
Purrcy Gold disks
Tiny Tim Burgundy round
Tracey Gold nautical
Watson Light burgundy round
Wee Willie Baseball
Whiskers White and clear marbled

*Buttons are not sewn to clothing, but fastened directly to the body of the Attic.


Attics with buttons and by generation

Attics by type of buttons and generation