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If you have an United Kingdom hang tag that is not listed, please contact Kathleen.

Attics With U.K. Stickers


Name Generation Name Generation
Abby 2nd Lilly 2nd
Benjamin 2nd Malcolm 2nd
Brewster 2nd Mason 2nd
Cassie 2nd Murphy 2nd
Checkers 2nd Nola 1st
Clifford 1st Oscar 2nd
Cody 2nd Pouncer 1st
Dexter 1st Pouncer 3rd
Digby 1st Purrcy 2nd
Emily 1st Reggie 1st
Emily 3rd Sara 3rd
Fraser 1st Scooter 2nd
Fraser 2nd Shelby 2nd
Gilbert Gold 1st Squeaky 1st
Gilbert White 1st Tiny Tim 1st
Grover 2nd Tyler 1st
Grover 3rd Tyler 2nd
Henry Brown 1st Wee Willie 2nd
Ivan 3rd Whiskers 1st



Attics with 100% Wool Tags




Woolie Brown


Woolie Gold


Note:  Whiskers with a Woolie Brown hang tag was not listed as it is most likely a mistag.