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Attics with Hats and Hoods


Name Hood
Alfalfa Fringed scarecrow's hat
Beezee Black cap
Bonnie Blue and white checked bonnet
Buck Khaki colored cap with brown trim
Bugsy Black cap
Caboose Blue and white engineer's cap
Calliope Red and purple jester's hat
Carver Pumpkin costume hat
Cawley Straw hat
Cheri Burgundy beret
Chillings Burgundy and green striped knit stocking cap
Cooper White and black pinstriped baseball cap with red Ty logo
Darlene Mauve velveteen hat
Devlin Red hood with horns
Emily Burgundy floral hat
Emma Yellow hat with floral brim
Emmet Blue and green clown hat
Esmerelda Black witch's hat
Gem Burgundy hood
Gordon Yellow rain hat
Gwyndolyn White hood with gold trim
Hagatha Black witch's hat
Hogan Khaki colored outback type hat
Isabella Leopard skin hat
Jangle Burgundy stocking cap with white trim
Klause Burgundy and green stocking cap
Malcolm (#6112) Black palace guard's hat
Merwyn Black wizard's hat with gold designs
Mrs. Santabear Burgundy hood with white trim
Mulligan Blue golfer's cap
Nola Pink floral hat
North Red silk hat
Peppermint Red knit stocking cap
Peter Pumpkin costume hat
Precious Flannel night cap
Rosalie Pink bonnet
Samuel Red and white striped Uncle Sam's hat with blue brim
Santabear Burgundy stocking cap with white trim
Scotch Red plaid cap
Socrates Black and gold mortar board and tassel
Spruce Green stocking cap with red trim
Susannah Yellow bonnet
Uncle Sam Red and white striped Uncle Sam's hat with red brim and blue band
Vlad Black hood with bat ears
Waddlesworth Green, yellow, black, and white knit stocking cap
Winona Green hat with floral brim