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Attic Treasures with Designer Hang Tags


Name Generation Designer
Abby 5 Linda Harris
Cassie 5 Nola Hart
Clifford 1 Linda Harris
Digby 1 Linda Harris
Digby 5 Linda Harris
Emily 1 Nola Hart
Emily 5 Nola Hart
Fraser 1 Ruth Fraser
Fraser 5 Ruth Fraser
Gilbert White 1 Linda Harris
Grover 5 Ruth Fraser
Henry Brown 1 Ruth Fraser
Henry Gold 1 Ruth Fraser
King 5 Anne Nickels
Malcolm 5 Nola Hart
Mason 5 Ruth Fraser
Morgan 1 Nola Hart
Morgan 5 Nola Hart
Nicholas 1 Linda Harris
Nola 1 Nola Hart
Nola 5 Nola Hart
Oscar 5 Linda Harris
Prince 5 Anne Nickels
Rebecca 5 Nola Hart
Squeaky 1 Nola Hart
Squeaky 5 Nola Hart
Tiny Tim 1 Linda Harris
Tiny Tim 5 Linda Harris
Tyler 1 Linda Harris
Tyler 5 Linda Harris
Wee Willie 5 Linda Harris
Woolie Brown 1 Linda Harris
Woolie Gold 1 Linda Harris

Note:  Whiskers with a Woolie Brown hang tag was not listed as it is most likely a mistag.

*Interesting to note both Henry Brown and Nicholas have first generation designer tags but do not in fifth generation.