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Tag Lines 


Name Tag line
Adelaide Cat Got Your Tongue?
Alfalfa Let Them Eat Crow!
Allura Sunny Days Are Here Again!
Amore With All My Heart!
April April Showers…
Arlen Let The Cat Out Of The Bag!
Armstrong And A Tuppence In My Shoe!
Azalea Hare Today - Gone Tomorrow!
Azure I'm Blue Without You!
Babette Savoir-Faire!
Baron Fly High!
Barrymore You Take My Breath Away!
Basil Imagine The Pawsibilities!
Beargundy Bear With Me!
Bearington Be My Bow!
Bearkhardt You Make Things Bearable!
Beezee You Bee-Long to Me!
Berkley Love Is The Answer!
Beverly You Have Me In A Whirlwind!
Birch Growing Old Gracefully!
Blarney Kiss Me, I'm Irish!
Bluebeary Something Old Something New!
Blush You Make Me Blush!
Bonnie Birds Of A Feather Flock Together!
Breezy Ahoy Mate!
Brisbane G-Day Mate!
Buck Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed!
Bugsy Always A Lady!
Burrows Doing The Bunny Hop!
Caboose On The Right Track!
Calliope Surely You Jest!
Camelia Always In Bloom!
Carey My Bark Is Worse Than My Bite!
Carlisle Bear Hugs From Me To You!
Carmella Color Me Happy!
Carmichael Over The Rainbow!
Carson You're As Sweet As Honey!
Carver Carve A Place In Your Heart For Me!
Casanova You Hold The Key To My Heart!
Cassandra I Feel Pretty!
Cassia Wish Upon A Star!
Cawley How Does Your Garden Grow?
Checkers King Me!
Cheri Ooh La La!
Chillings Snow News Is Good News!
Clay Leave It To Me!
Cody You're As Sweet As Honey!
Cooper Take Me Out To The Ballgame!
Cromwell The Mice Will Play!
Dad Father Knows Best!
Dalia* Pack Up Your Troubles!
Darlene Your Heart Be Glad Forever!
Demetria Dreams Come True!
Devlin Some Like It Hot!
Easton Good Fortune To You!
Elizabeth Easy On The Eyes!
Emma Hats Off To You!
Emmet All The World Loves A Clown!
Esmerelda That Old Black Magic!
Eva Let's Dance The Night Away!
Eve You're The Apple Of My Eye!
Fairbanks Land Of The Midnight Sun!
Fairchild While The Cat's Away…
Fern Give Peas A Chance!
Fields Hopping Down The Bunny Trail!
Flannigan The Luck Of The Irish!
Fleecia As Gentle As A Lamb!
Flynn You Are My Heart's Delight!
Franny Hip Hip Hurray For The USA!
Gem Let It Snow!
Genevieve Feline Great!
Georgette And They Lived Happily Ever After!
Georgia Follow Your Rainbow!
Gordon Into Each Life A Little Rain Must Fall!
Grant Let Freedom Ring!
Greyson Behind Every Cloud Is A Silver Lining!
Gwyndolyn All That Glitters!
Hagatha I'll Conjure Up Some Fun!
Harper Cream Of The Crop!
Hayes You're Peachy!
Heartley Love Conquers All!
Hogan No Worries!
Huntly** Oh So Sly!
Hutchins A Hop, Skip And A Jump!
Iris My Heart Belongs To You!
Isabella Puttin' On The Ritz!
Ivan Grin And Bear It!
Ivy Hoppy Spring!
Jack Cheers!
Jangle Jingle All the Way!
Kaiser I'm On A Roll!
Karena A Rose Is A Rose!
Katrina Feline Fine!
Kingston King Of Hearts!
Klause Sleigh What?
Kyoto Nihon No Kokoro Wo Taisetsu Ni! (Stand On Ceremony!)
Lancaster You're Always On My Mind!
Laurel Happy Holly-Days!
Lawrence I Won't Leave You High And Dry!
Logan Out And About…Eh!
MacKenzie Strong And Free, Patriot Of The North!
Majesty Mane Attraction!
Malcolm March To A Different Drum!
Marigold Happiness Is In Bloom!
Martina Roses Are Red!
Max Paws For Thought!
May Bring May Flowers!
McKinley Born In The USA!
Mei Li True Beauty Goes Beyond The Physical!
Merwyn One Newt Or Two?
Minerva Mind Your Manners!
Mom A Mother's Love Is The Greatest Gift!
Mommy All You Need Is Love!
Mrs. Santabear Under The Mistletoe!
Mulligan Here Birdie Birdie Birdie…!
Nicholas Hearts Off To You!
North Let It Snow!
Olivia Not Just Another Pretty Face!
Olympia Do You Believe In Magic?
Orion You're My Universe!
Peppermint Love Me True!
Peter Trick Or Treat!
Piccadilly Laughter Is The Best Medicine!
Pouncer Smiles Are Contagious!
Purrcy You're The Cat's Meow!
Radcliffe Thief Of Hearts!
Rafaella All A Flutter Over You!
Ramsey Little Lamsadivy!
Revere Stars And Stripes Forever!
Rhine Zusammenschliessen! (Unite!)
River Go With The Flow!
Rosalie A Rose By Any Other Name!
Rosalyne Everything Is Coming Up Roses!
Rose Take Time To Smell The Roses!
Salty Anchors Away!
Samuel I Want You!
Santabear He Sees You When You're Sleeping!
Sara Spring Is In The Air!
Scarlet You're Mauve-alous!
Scotch I'd Be Lost Without You!
Scruffy Every Dog Has Its Day!
Skylar The Sky Is The Limit!
Socrates Wisdom Comes With Age!
Sophia Pretty As A Picture!
Spruce I'm Pining For You!
Sterling May All Your Wishes Come True!
Strawbunny You Tickle Me Pink!
Suki The Heart That Loves Is Always Young!
Surprise! May Your Birthday Wish Come True!
Susannah You Are My Sunshine!
Tudor Cheers!
Tyra High Spirts!
Tyrone You're One Class Act!
Uncle Sam As American As Apple Pie!
Vlad Good Night, Sleep Tight!
Waddlesworth I'm On Top Of The World!
Washington The Land Of The Free!
Weatherby Cold Hands, Warm Heart!
Whiskers You're Purrfect!
Willamina*** You're Aces!
William Dressed For Success!
Winifred Ring Around The Rosie!
Winona I Tip My Hat To You!


*Hang tag found only on Franny to date.  **Hang tag found only on River to date.  ***Hang tag found only on Carver to date.

Interesting fact: Three pairs of Attics share the same tag line: Carson and Cody, Gem and North, and Jack and Tudor.