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Cats by Name


Adelaide 6262 Genevieve 6274
Amethyst 6131 Ivory 6062
Arlen 6260 Katrina 6054
Basil 6248 Max 6246
Ebony 6063 Pouncer 6011
Ebony 6130 Purrcy 6022
Fairchild 6220 Whiskers 6012

Cats by Name and Generation


Name Generation
Adelaide Seventh
Amethyst Sixth
Arlen Seventh
Basil Seventh
Ebony (6063) Fifth
Ebony (6130) Sixth
Fairchild Seventh
Genevieve Seventh
Ivory Fifth
Katrina Seventh
Max Seventh
Pouncer First
Pouncer Third
Pouncer Fifth
Pouncer Sixth
Pouncer Seventh
Purrcy Second
Purrcy Third
Purrcy Fourth
Purrcy Fifth
Purrcy Sixth
Purrcy Seventh
Whiskers First
Whiskers Fifth
Whiskers Sixth
Whiskers Seventh