River with Huntly Tag

The eighth inductee into the Hall of Oddities is a River with a "Huntly" hang tag.  In July,  Approximately 20 of these interesting pieces had been reported.  All were found in the continental United States.  The inside of the Rivers with Huntly tags reads "Huntly" and has a a tag line of "Oh So Sly!"   River's stye number is is 6237, whereas "Huntly" has a UPC code of 6238.  When the latest group of Attic Treasures were announced in September, Huntly was not included, making us believe that his day may never come.  Below is a picture of the inside of Huntly's tag and Sal's comments and some reasons why he may never be produced.



Could "Fox Hunt" be the Reason Why Huntly Was Never Released?

If you remember, River showed up with a "Huntly" hang tag, style number 6238, and  a tag line "Oh So Sly!"  With the recent announcements of  New Attics, I was surprise to see "Huntly" the fox not included.  Perplexed, I did a search of the name "Huntly" and "Huntley" to fine some clues.  Needless to say, not a one.  I then tried "Fox" to no avail.  However, when the key words "Fox Hunt" was entered, I was sickened with the wealth of articles and deplorable pictures showing the cruelty of this barbaric sport. 

Although just a theory, and a very uneducated one at that, I would like to believe that Huntly was not released by Ty Inc., in protest to this inhumane bloodsport.  Perhaps one day we will see an Attic Treasures fox but one with a different name which is not suggestive of this despicable sport.


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