Curls Six Piece Test Set


2004 Memorial Day Weekend, Ty quietly test marketed a six piece gift set at a Ty retailer outlet located in Illinois.  At first glance, the plush piece show cased was reminiscent of past Attic Treasures.  The hang and tush tags made no indication of what type of Ty product it was, or the name of the individual pieces other than the occasion it was marking.  It was not until eight months later that the adorable Curls, the Beanie Baby, made his debut without the artistic trimmings.   Almost 15 months later, Ty, for whatever reasons, still has not chosen to market this creative set and that is unfortunate for Ty collectors.  Below are the six pieces in the set and the links that describe each piece in detail.




Curls Test Set Tush Tag Front

Curls Tush Tag Front


Curls Test Set Tush Set Back Curls Tush Back

It should also be noted that the style numbers on the Curl's boxes corresponds to the following Attics and their style numbers:


Style No.

  Attic Treasure
I Love You Bear 6100   Grover
Get Well Soon 6101   Grant
Happy Birthday II 6102   Bearington
Love To Baby 6103   Scotch
Happy Birthday I 6104   Precious
You Are Special To Me 6105   Samuel