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Baby Curly and Curly

October 13, 1999

There seems to be confusion as to whether or not Baby Curly (5018) should be considered  an Attic Treasure or a Country Cousin plush which it originally appeared as.  As of October 13, it appears, complete with tag line, on Ty Inc.'s, Attic Treasures' web page along with Curly (5302), Curly Bunny-tan (8017), Curly Bunny-white (8019) and Large Curly (9019).  In addition, on an earlier order form, it was also listed as an Attic Treasure A later form shows it being moved back to where it should belong, Country Cousins plush.  The style number of these five pieces in question are not in sync with the "Attic Treasures Collection" which all have numbers in the 6000 ranges.








Baby Curly (5018)

"The Attic Treasures Collection™" tag  Country Cousins Corrected tag

Update I  October 18, 1999

There has been considerable speculation of whether or not Ty has changed the classification of the five plush Curlys to Attic Treasures for three reasons. 1. They showed up earlier on the order forms as Attic Treasures. 2. They appeared on the Ty website as Attic Treasures and, 3. Baby Curly was released with an "Attic Treasure" hang tag. The mystery has been solved. Today, Ty moved the five back to where they belong, under Country Cousins.  In addition, they posted pictures of the new ones with the exception of  Tyra.  By not posting her picture it only refuels the rumors that she will not be produced. Time will tell. You can see the changes by going to the Ty web site

Update II October 20, 1999

Just when we thought the Baby Curly and Curly saga was over, Tom and Lynn Brudnicki of Wisconsin sent me the following pictures of Curly with "The Attic Treasures Collection" hang tag.  The question now becomes will all of the Curlys be found with this error tag?  Although not an Attic Treasure, avid collectors will want to add this one to their collection.

Curly 5302 "The Attic Treasures Collection™"


Update III October 22, 1999

All five of the Curly Country plush have now been found with "The Attic Treasures Collection" error tag.  The three new ones, Curly Bunny White, Curly Bunny Tan, and Large Curly, were found, of all places, at the Ty Tyriffic store at O'Hare Airport.  They now join the other two, Baby Curly and Curly, that were identified earlier with this error tag.

Curly Bunny White (8018)

 "The Attic Treasures Collection™" tag


Curly Bunny Tan (8017) "The Attic Treasures Collection™" tag


Large Curly (9019) "The Attic Treasures Collection™" tag


Update IV March 28, 2000

Baby Curly shows up once again not only with an Attic Treasure tag, but with a new sweater and new clothing tag which was discontinued on Attics around 1996.   Further confusing the Attic collector is the fact that Baby Curly is shown as "Curly Baby" on the Ty website.   It also raises the question of whether or not future shipments of clothed Attics will  have clothing tags. Thanks to Tim West for providing us with Baby Curly, AKA Curly Baby.   Pictures of the  old and new Baby Curlys and the old and new clothing tags are shown below:  Thanks to Tim West for providing Sal's Attic with Baby Curly, aka, Curly Baby.

Old Baby Curly with Attic tag

New Baby Curly with Attic tag also shown on the left

"The Attic Treasures Collection™" tag  Country Cousins Now Classic Corrected tag


Older Attic clothing tags showed the Ty Inc., address, registration number, and instructions. New clothing tag shows where it was produced and the fiber contents of the Baby Curly sweater.


Update 5 November 13, 2000

Curly and Large Curly have undergone a new season look.  Their old USA sweaters are replaced with a new spring like look with flowers, rain and umbrellas.  Only problem is Ty Inc. is still using old hang tags.  In fact, the old error hang tags which have "The Attic Treasures Collection" on them with  tag lines are not appropriate for their new look.  Curly's tag line reads:  "She's A Grand Old Flag!" and Large Curly's reads "Stars and Stripes Forever!" And so the Curly saga continues once again.



September 13, 2002

 In June of this year, all five of the Curly pieces pictured on were sporting brand new sweaters. The pieces were quietly retired, however, when sometime in early July, the five Curlys were moved from the current to the retired section of the website. 

Curly Baby


Large Curly

Curly Bunny Tan

Curly Bunny White

 Amazingly, two Curly Bunny Whites wearing the new balloon sweaters with Attic Treasure hang tags were discovered by hogan9 of our message board, even though the Curly family had been returned to the Ty Plush line way back in the fall of 1999.  Below find a picture and scan of the hang tag of this unusual piece.



Although the Curly family is retired in the United States, the pieces are available in Australia. Will the remaining four Curlys dressed in the newly designed sweaters also appear with Attic Treasure hang tags? Only “tyme” will tell.  Follow this link for the entire Curly saga: