Willamina The Attic That Never Was



Carver, the adorable pumpkin bear, was released just in time for Halloween.  Carver's style number is 6271.  However, two Carver oddities were found with a Willamina hang tag and a tag line of "You're Aces!"   What makes this an interesting oddity is Willamina's style number 6227, which suggests that this particular Attic Treasure will never be released.  Her style number falls between Armstrong and Marigold which were released in June of 2000. 


6226 Armstrong
6227 Willamina
6228 Marigold

The style numbers of yesterday's four announced Attics  fall between 6283-6286, so it is unlikely that Ty will go back and use the style number 6227. Secondly, it has the "TM" rather than the "R" after "The Attic Treasure Collection,"  which was a recent change.  And third, the tags have the old style on the back.  For a look at all the versions of the seventh generation hang tags click here.

Weatherby 6283 Mrs. Santa Bear 6285
Santa Bear 6284 Chillings 6286

Another twist is that to date only two Willamina hang tags have been found, one of which is the U.S. version, and the other the European version.  Jim of Montana has been kind enough to share a scan of his lucky find of the European version shown to the right. The U.S, version was found by Sue of Virginia.

We might never know why Ty chose the name Willimina or why she was not produced, but for now she joins an elite group of  unannounced Attics:  Dalia and Huntly

For a listing of unused style numbers Click Here.

Style #6227

U.S. Version 2B (current is 4)


European Version 3A  UK has PO13 0FW as postal code instead of current PO13 0FP.  (Scan provided by Jim of Montana)


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