Name Type Size Style # Color Introduced Status
Tyra Bear 8" 6201 Tan 8/31/99 10/19/99
Tags available:  7th      Designer:  Ty Warner


Seventh generation (1D)

Tush Version 1 1993 burgundy
Ribbon No
Clothes Red, white, & blue cheerleaders outfit & blue head bow
Buttons No
Nose Black (vertical stitching)
Eyes Black
Comments:  velour feet and paws, tag line reads "High Spirits!"


Update June 4, 2003

Tyra With Pomp Poms

For the past two and a half years, we have not covered or included Tyra with pomp poms on the site or in the price guide.  Due to the number of questions, rumors, and inaccuracies pertaining to this interesting piece, I believe it is time to explain why.

When Tyra first showed up with pomp poms in the fall of 1999, I was told by a representative in the Ty legal department that the ones, including the one I provided them for inspection, that came from Canada were stolen.  I respected the fact that since Ty had not officially released the piece, we should not to include it in the price guide.

Last year when we did the price guide for Beanies and More, we had Mary Beth ask Ty if we should include Tyra with pomp poms in the price guide, and were politely told that since they never sold the piece, they did not believe it should be included in the price guide.

We have now heard from several sources that recently Ty Canada has sold a few Tyras with pomp poms as well as other scarce Ty pieces.  However, until I hear differently from Ty headquarters that they have been officially released, we will not include them in the price guide.


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