Name Type Size Style # Color Introduced Status
Gem Bear 13" 6107 Ivory 9/30/98 Retired 12/31/98
Tags available:  7th     

               Designer: Ty Warner


Seventh generation (1A)

Tush Version 2 1993 burgundy
Ribbon No
Clothes Burgundy cape and hood
Buttons No
Nose Tan (vertical stitching)
Eyes Black
Comments:  velour feet and paws, tag line reads "Let It Snow!"


An Interesting Gem Oddity


Misprinted Purrcy tag on  on the inside but the correct UPC bar code for Gem (style #6107)


A very interesting oddity which shows Gem with a Purrcy misprint tag but the correct UPC bar code. Other mistags that we know of, as in the case of Tyrone that has Laurel's hang tag, tag line and UPC bar code could cause incorrect inventory counts. Both the name and bar code match up to Laurel and not Tyrone. However, in this case the name is wrong but the scanning code which has the correct Gem style number (#6107) is accurate leaving inventory counts correct.


Gem From Rosie O'Donnell's Auction 

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